Ganzfeld @ Night of Surprise Sound Art

An adventure in Afrodiasporic Postpunk, Iranian Leftfield Techno, Contemporary Modern Jazz, Psychedelic Kraut Improv, Avantgarde Electronics, Contemporary Arabic Music, Comicbook Song, Epic Collage, Frontier Ambient and Guerilla Spatialization. More than 20 artists, bands and djs present a mind-boggling variety of fringe music at Cologne´s premier jazz and experimental music venue. Ganzfeld is a guerilla audio spatialization unit featuring hacked multi-channel trumpet and bass guitar. Utilizing adhesive transducer speakers, Ganzfeld aims to activate the unique resonant surfaces of each performance space – windows, doors, stairs, walls, chairs, vans, buses, boxes, insides, outsides, ups and downs.

Liz Allbee (Trompete), Sukandar Kartadinata (selbstgemachtes Instrument)
Sound Art
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