Ilyich Interdisziplinär

ILYICH is a space traveller of an ambiguous origin. Musician and storyteller ILYICH occasionally reappears at the core of music performances, sonic rituals and project activations. Mysteriously entangled with this world, yet clearly not from here, ILYICH’s stories are identity slippages and anecdotes of struggle told from the multiple first-person narratives. Oscillating between recognisable electronic music and abstract sonic improvisations ILYICH can be often found at the core of an intimate listening session, a sound ritual, gallery or museum gathering, or on a larger club and festival stages around the world. Through a performance and a performance lecture ILYICH will activate an interactive sound installation, – a contribution to the exhibition. UNTRAINING THE EAR WITH ILYICH LISTENING SESSION 08.12.2020 19:00 at

Anton Kats (Performance / Künstlerische Leitung / Konzeption / Komposition), Jared Meier-Klodt (Toningenieur), Anastasia Pillepchuk (Performance Maske), Anna Simakova (Performance Anzug), Byron Kalomamas (Konzeption Klang-Installation und Design), Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa (Visuals Listening Session)
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