Imaginary musics – A film programme Interdisziplinär

Imaginary musics – a film programme (2018, video, around 40 min.) is a proposition of Marie-Pierre Bonniol, also founder of Julie Tippex agency that has been presented for the first time March 2019. The programme consists on a serie of short experimental movies shot on iPhone only during the year 2018 around the theme of Imaginary musics, theme Marie-Pierre Bonniol is working on since a carte-blanche offered by Palace in St.Gallen in 2017. For this programme, she presents for the first time movies under three subthemes: the winter night in Berlin, rediscovering the spring through the bizarreness of a travel to Bourges in France, and motors and transports as allegories of certain mystical consciousness states and dynamics, especially when love is at work, under the crossed influence of W.G. Sebald, Raymond Roussel, Érik Bullot and Laida Lertxundi, the notion of lo-fi, and generally bachelor machines as described by Jean-François Lyotard or Harald Szeemann, metamorphosing “poetics into energy” through machineries.

Marie-Pierre Bonniol (Film), Pierre Bastien (selbstgemachte Instrumente), Waltraud Blischke (DJ), Gamelan Voices (Elektronik), Asmus Tietchens (Elektronik), Jan Jelinek (Elektronik), Frank Gratkowski (Saxophon), Lawrence (Elektronik), Pat Kraus (Elektronik)
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