KØKÖ Jazz/Improvisation

KøKö is an exciting collaboration between the creative music scenes of Cologne and Copenhagen marking the inaugural year of a cultural partnership between Denmark and Germany. Throughout the year concerts will take place in both cities, showcasing the unique and vibrant voices which highlight the diverse scenes in both cities! For our first concert, we have a collection of musicians who are all tied together by the same unique drive: ‘to challenge the conventional acoustics of their instruments’. With broad preparations and extended techniques they will push the limits of their instruments, showcasing a new sonic experience for you to revel in.

Zoe Efstathiou (präpariertes Piano), Etienne Nillesen (Schlagzeug), Matthias Muche (Posaune), Elisabeth Coudoux (Cello), Nana Pi Aabo Larsen (Saxophon), Asger Thomsen (Kontrabass)

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