MeoW in the Time of Corona Pop/Rock/HipHop

„Oscar, that slink of a chique feline brother, is one heavy cat. With each graceful step, the soft tips of his ample manehairs ripple and sway like a hot grassy field in Ankara in a stiff summer breeze in a really nice sort of way if you like that kind of imagery, and he does, those are the same golden fields of his kittenhood. When this swanky big boy runs, he’s not inclined to stop. A solitary fellow, he plays it cool, though sometimes in the shade of the evening, a lonely cat seems to peer out from those come-hither eyes. Oscar once fell asleep next to a shipping container and ended up in Pireas, Greece, where he became active in a colorful underworld dealing in rare avian specimens, and promoting free jazz at shifty venues. Under an International Red Alert for Vicious Predator accused of heavy birding, Oscar fled his home ottoman, got himself a lovely gentleman collar, and made his way to Germany. Now based in Berlin, he’s more into the furr-improvising aggressive groom metal scene, and has never looked back. He detests programmatic music and cat puns. he cat stand it. MEOW, he protests. MEOW MEOOWWW!! desist! mrrrrraAAAAAAEEEOOUUU!! the caterwauls echo from Windsor Terrace to Trondheim….

Cansu Tanrikulu (Gesang), Liz Kosack (Synthesizer), Dan Peter Sundland (Bass), Jim Black (Schlagzeug), Daniela Imhoff (Video), Jonas Hinz (Video)
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