number phase: 12 – 19 / 20 – 90 Elektronische Musik/ Elektroakustische Musik

„number phase: 12 -19 / 20 – 90“ is an electro-acoustic composition for: live voices, recorded voices, and sine-tones. Based on an observation of languages, the concept is to utilize listening perception as a means of composition; incorporating phasing, oscillation, binaural beating, and repetition. It combines realtime and recorded counting, in six languages, with a series of eight sine-tones. This combination of voices and tones, having varying effects on each other, come together as a single sound palette. In the several Asian languages used, the numbers 12 – 19, are read as: 10_2, 10_3, 10_4, etc., and 20 – 90 are read the same, but inverted: 2_10, 3_10, 4_10, etc. When the matching, but inverted, pairs are read simultaneously, they go constantly in and out of phase with each other, as well as the other counting voices. This combined with the varying effects of the slightly detuned pairs of sine-tones, creates a complex listening experience.

William Costa (Elektronik), Wei Wei Leung (Stimme), Ze Wei (Stimme), Kae San (Stimme), Kamil Korolczuk (Klangregie)
Elektronische Musik/ Elektroakustische Musik
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