Paradise Lost / Flood Elektronische Musik/ Elektroakustische Musik

Jana Irmert is a sound and media artist based in Berlin. With her new work FLOOD, she creates a metaphoric world of billowing harmonic clouds, gently crackling sounds and abstracted field recordings. In this universe of concrete sounds and pure abstractions, of organic timbres and alien noises, she works with dis/harmony in such a way as to mirror our imperfect world at the moment. Together with Freja Andersson‘s visuals sound and image melt into an intensive dreamlike reality. “An innovative sound that oscillates like the bridge between robots and future tech. This is a look to the skies, beyond the distant clouds, to other galactic bodies. Yes, FLOOD is space age music for a new generation. Breathtaking.” (Toneshift) “Paradise Lost is the second album by London-based musician and avantgarde composer Christopher Chaplin. Following Je suis le Ténébreux (2016), Paradise Lost condenses experimental electronics into a chamber music setting, trans- porting us to intermediate mental and spatiotemporal states. The album trans- lates John Milton‘s poem about the descent to hell of fallen angels into epic soundscapes and features the voices of British tenor Nathan Vale and American poet Leslie Winer.” (Heinrich Deisl). For Christopher Chaplin‘s solo live shows the music is echoed by the projections of visual artists Luma.Launisch – assem- bled and processed in real time

Christopher Chaplin (Elektronik / Komposition), Jana Irmert (Sound Art), A'BEAR (Synthesizer)
Elektronische Musik/ Elektroakustische Musik
Berlin/Silent Green Kulturqaurtier
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