RadiationiX + Jérôme Noetinger Elektronische Musik/ Elektroakustische Musik

A more systemic and therefore less obvious threat to current democratic societies is the increase of individual filter bubbles. Search engines using algorithms designed to filter information based on an analysis of individual search behavior are feedback systems gradually excluding any dissenting or conflicting opinion. This strongly supports the current surge of conspiracy theories and 'alternative facts'. If a signal becomes played back too directly in a feedback system it potentially overloads the system. Search algorithms smartly avoid such overloads by still allowing just enough variation and thus camouflaging its real nature. Radiation IX is a contemporary sound-art/music group that incorporates social and emvironmental glitches of our times and transforms them into an art form. A project of Emilio Gordoa, Burkhard Beins, Björn Erlach and featuring Jérôme Noetinger.

Burkhard Beins (Floor Tom / Becken / Bass Drum / Objekte / Feedback-Speaker / Walkie-Talkies / Frequency Analyzer / Filter Matrix / Looper & Field Recordings.), Björn Anton Erlach (Software-Programmierung (Super Collider) / Klangregie), Jérôme Noetinger (Analogsynthesizer / Elektronik / Tonbänder Revox B77), Emilio Gordoa Rodriguez (Vibraphon / Glocken / Resonanzobjekte / Kleine Trommel / AM/FM Radios / elektromechanische und piezokeramische Tonabnehmer / Mixer / Lautsprecher)
Elektronische Musik/ Elektroakustische Musik
Ensemble ≤ 5 Personen

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