The Curious Loop Interdisziplinär

Loops represent a time that is suspended, which is a compressed source of the past, present and the future: The past (as it is looping the material produced in the past), the future (as it will also take place in the future) and the present (as it is experienced in the now). And all these will soon become a history… and the history, eating its own tail, will probably repeat itself again. There is a section at the beginning of a loop when the audience is simply introduced to “sentences” of the format. The loop then builds upon itself by repetitive sequences, and a new phase occurs. The repetitions combine on top of each other, one after another, a certain state of being frozen or being suspended in time is created. Just like an alchemy, the loop -although it is the same ‘sentence’- transforms the state from becoming accustomed-to, through suspension, and then the mere impression of infinity. And then within this infinity, one might crack the door open to find the new things opening up the new experiences.

Sebastian Mullaert (Elektronik / Workshop), Ove Holmqvist (Elektronik / Workshop), Ursula Koch (Neurophysiologin / Talk), Bill Fontana (Sound Art), Hans Peter Kuhn (Sound Art), Steffi Weismann (Performance), Sun Woo and Ji Woo (Zen Masters), Hans Rosenström (Sound Art)
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