The Pitch with strings Zeitgenössische Musik/Neue Musik

For its 10th anniversary The Pitch is treating itself and its audience to a concert with two new pieces with many extra strings: A quintet with Julia Reidy on 12-string guitar and an octet with Johnny Chang and Shasta Ellenbogen on viola and Derek Shirley and Liron Yariv on cello. The two new extended pieces they will present in ausland tonight and will each introduce new elements hitherto unexplored in the context of the band’s playing practice. Each piece will be using a specific structural characteristic and playing style to dive deeper into what a pitch can be and to surface the hidden qualities of tone and intonation in slow motion.

Koen Nutters (upright bass), Morten J. Olsen (electric vibraphone), Michael Thieke (clarinet), Boris Baltschun (electric pump organ), Julia Reidy (guitar), Johnny Chang (viola), Shasta Ellenbogen (viola), Derek Shirley (cello), Liron Yariv (cello)
Zeitgenössische Musik/Neue Musik
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